Almost every conflicts have a cultural, religious, political or ethnic component. stae-sa media Program is grounded and grounded in the philosophy that media have a critical role to play in increasing public understanding of such conflicts and of issues that polarize our communities.


 This is a program where program participants practice and have real hands-on experience in journalism and improve upon their communication, photography and writing and editing skills.  


The program includes assisting in news paper publication, news writing, news editing, news broadcasting, radio talk show, interviewing, marketing and advertisement.


Both the newspapers and the radio stations get involved with community social programs such as exposing crime in the communities, exposing corruption in the community, child abuse, child trafficking, and human abuse.  You can also join our media program in Senegal, Uganda and Tanzania.


Which country do you want to go? You can also choose multiple countries. 
Media/Journalism Africa/South Africa